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Through a decade of yoga teacher training, we see students gain much more from an intensive, immersive environment where they can be supported by a group of like-minded peers. When students are able to leave behind the day to day business of life at home, their full energy is redirected toward their ​yoga teacher ​training. Students then experience a fast-paced rate of progression, making leaps and bounds in both their physical practice and teaching skill.

To provide the perfect environment for our yoga teacher training students, we have carefully selected locations, both by the calming sea, in Morocco and Greece. The natural beauty and magical identity of each country creates a peaceful atmosphere for reflection but also inspires a sense of awe and adventure – a perfect pairing for soaking up and exploring new ideas, as well as making new friends.

Both intensive ​yoga teacher ​training locations are also just a short flight from the UK, making your travel time as stress-free as possible with the added bonus of an economical price tag.


After your two weeks away there are two further weekend modules held in London, spread over the three months. Our ​200 hour yoga teacher training ​course is specially designed to give time for personal study, development and for students to complete assignments – layering experiential learning and theory studies in a balanced way with digestible chunks. To successfully complete the course, all module dates must be attended.

To make sure all our yoga teacher training students are given the attention and care they require during such an important time, our ​200 hour ​yoga teacher training courses are kept intimate with a maximum of 25 students. Our exceptional team of tutors are there to support each trainee throughout this life changing time with an open heart, intuitive care and often a giggle right when it’s needed the most.

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